There is a membership level
for your business at any stage.

- especially yours!

Empowery Membership

If you are an eCommerce seller there are different ways to be a part of Empowery:




Membership to the public FB group
Access to the secret FB group
Special email offers
Select coupons & discounts that are reserved for shareholders only
Co-op pricing with all of our partners & service providers
Earn cashback on services you already need
Access to our list of pre-vetted partners & service providers
Email intros to service providers & eCommerce people who can help you
Discounted pricing on events/products
Cashback earned on events/products & services
Front of the Line Service
VIP Early access to new programs
Monthly Mastermind calls with Steve Simonson and various eCommerce experts.
Monthly keyboard workshop & AMA sessions w/Bradley Sutton (Helium 10)
1 Free Month - first 30 days is on the house
Additional FREE Benefits and select extra perks with partners
Customer/ Co-op Membership $499 On-Boarding $1000Share
$1000 On-boarding
$1000 On-boarding
$250/Month Earned Benefit with $12k+in
accrued Cashback in prior year

The only way to sustain the business is to have members who share the costs of operation, especially early on, and then over time the business itself will give the opportunity for ample savings and cash back opportunities to make membership so valuable you can actually get paid to be a member! That's right, you can earn an unlimited amount of cash back from all vendors combined which gives you the chance to maximize your efficiency while taking advantage of the membership benefits.